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Apr 11, 2018

Authenticity still important amidst tech advancement: Sabre

At a time when trust in governments and corporations is at an all-time low, authenticity allows users and attendees to experience simplicity and certainty.

Authenticity still important amidst tech advancement: Sabre

Sabre, a global tech provider to the travel industry, recently released its 2018 Emerging Technology Report in which it highlighted industry trends to stay in the marketplace.

Despite automation and blockchain taking precedence, the report also underlined the importance of authenticity. In an increasingly digital world, businesses are not losing sight and value of trust and human interaction.

Authenticity may be a buzzword being thrown about at the moment, but the report defends its research: “Limitless information has delivered amazing value, but it has also made it hard to filter what is real and know who to trust. And, simultaneously, it’s become increasingly hard to stand out amidst the tumult of sources vying for attention”.

At a time when trust – in governments, media, corporations, and tech – is at an all-time low, authenticity allows users and attendees to experience simplicity and certainty.

However, tech can play a role in facilitating authenticity, the report added. “When you’re capturing VR in 360-degrees, there’s a lot of context, and the ability of a viewer to choose where they look—and how long they focus on what—creates a degree of trust for the viewer,” the report said.

“Bringing the viewer into the scene and giving them autonomy to control the scene helps create an inherent connection.”

On top of that, VR livestream is also contributing to an evolving notion of “being there.” Watching a sport on TV can be objectively better than going to a live game for knowing what’s happening by way of graphics and stats, slow-motion replays, live commentary, and the ability to rewind and pause.

But livestream VR means the audience can get the best of both worlds – it can provide all the stats as well as the ability to sit courtside and be closer to he action, in a more immersive way, for a fraction of the cost of the physical tickets.


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