Feb 3, 2017

A survey to lift the gender veil in APAC

Global research already points to a skills shortage of female representation at the C-suite level. But what’s the real picture on the ground in Asia’s media and marketing industry?

A survey to lift the gender veil in APAC

The Girl's Lounge. Lean In. The Glass Wall. The Women's Index. Much has already been written, discussed and debated about how gender has affected the workplace.

Yet the Asian filter changes those perceptions, and with the launch of Campaign Asia-Pacific's own study into gender diversity, we want to dive deeper into the unique APAC experience.

Campaign's inaugural Gender Diversity Survey will put data where it counts. We know that shining a light on these issues and providing valuable relevant data will push the industry to be accountable for the changes we need to see. 

While debate and discussion will thrust the issue forward, your contribution to our survey will serve to provide clarity and direction on how we—and captains of our industry—can stride forward in creating an equal and fair workplace.

Be part of this important research. Take the survey now.

Closing date: 27 Feb 2017 

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