Matthew Miller
Mar 5, 2021

A room with many views

INSPIRATION STATION: Stuck in a quarantine hotel, Hong Kong creative Martin Lever painted impressions of the same view each day, and is now selling prints of the 28 resulting works to benefit charity ImpactHK.

A room with many views

Prevented from returning to his own home after a trip, Martin Lever decided to use his two weeks in a quarantine hotel to help out those who don't even have a home to go back to. 

Lever, founder and creative partner at creative agency ARCC Asia, took inspiration from the hillside view out his window in room 202 of L’Hotel Wong Chuk Hang (since rebranded as Nina Hotel Island South), picked up brushes and paints, and created two impressions of the view per day for 14 days.

The resulting 28 paintings are now available as signed prints, priced at US$250 each, with the proceeds going to local charity ImpactHK

Day 1 - AM

"During an overseas trip last October, the government changed the border entry rules for all returnees," Lever said in a release. "So upon my return to HK, I found myself denied the privilege and liberty to return to my home. This instantly heightened my empathy for the plight of people who are permanently deprived the privilege of going home."

Jeff Rotmeyer, founder and CEO of ImpactHK, said that Hong Kong has more than 1000 registered street sleepers, plus a growing number of employed street sleepers who just can’t afford to pay rent, so the organisation is always looking for innovative ways to raise funds.

"The Room 202 Project is perfect in many ways," Rotmeyer said. "Firstly, it is a deeply personal art project, inspired by emotive circumstance. This naturally fits with our personalised approach to supporting people who are living on the streets; we see people as unique individuals and not mere statistics. The fact that the artwork was also created while Martin was experiencing a small sense of what it’s like to be deprived access to his home, gives the project an added sense of genuine empathy—and the artwork a powerful added layer of meaning."

Day 1 - PM
Day 3 - PM
Day 12 - AM
Day 9 - PM
Day 6 - PM
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