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May 29, 2018

2018 Cannes contenders: 'The hopepage' by VML Sydney

Unicef's campaign turned its home page into a generator of cryptocurrency donations.

2018 Cannes contenders: 'The hopepage' by VML Sydney
We asked creative leaders from across the region choose the work they expect (or hope) to see winning at Cannes Lions this year. See all this year's Cannes contenders.

Contender: The hopepage
VML Sydney
Client: Unicef

Nominated by:

Dan Saunders, ECD, Redengine:

Everyone’s now heard of Blockchain technology with the rise of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. VML Sydney decided to use this technology for good, by using your computer’s spare processing power to mine cryptocurrency, which is then automatically donated to Unicef. Upon visiting Unicef’s ‘Hopepage’ you are asked how much processing power you want to donate. By then keeping the page open your computer starts mining the cryptocurrency 'Monero' right in your web browser, which is then donated in full to Unicef. This changes the way charities can raise funds like never before, an innovative way in which to use available and emerging technologies for the power of good. Surely a game changer.

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