Auchentoshan’s Everyday Moments

Whisky has traditionally been an alcoholic drink for connoisseurs and has the perception of being a ‘man’s’ drink in many countries worldwide.

Unlike the very trendy Gin & Tonic, the Aperol Spritz or the Martini which you would normally order at a party or in a club, whisky is more often thought as a premium drink to have alone, while sitting by the fireplace.

Beam Suntory wanted to disrupt the traditional whisky perception with Auchentoshan - a drink accessible to the younger audience and to be enjoyed in everyday celebratory moments.

Planning & Execution

  • We suggested to focus ads on outside life influences and feel-good moments

  • Identified our audience in those aged 18-54 based in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia

  • Created the ‘Everyday Moments’ campaign based on 6 everyday life moments worth celebrating – for example, when your team scores, when your boss cancels a meeting or when someone swipes right to you on Tinder.

  • We served the video ads on Facebook. YouTube, The Trade Desk and DV360

  • We partnered with a Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) platform to create over 50 iterations of the 6 ‘everyday moments’ to further amplify our video and display efforts programmatically.

Effectiveness / Results

The awareness campaign was a success. Over the course of 3 months, it achieved:

  • 165% Uplift in Sales Volume

  • 7.5X Increase in Click Through Rate

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