Ramadhan Fundraising Campaign 2020

The Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA), a non-profit charity organisation, aimed to drive Muslims to contribute their "Zakat" and donations through contactless channels that they've never used before. Green Park Content was tasked to plan, create and deliver a successful MTFA fundraising campaign during the COVID-19 lockdown in Singapore, so Zakat donations could be made digitally for the first time. The challenge involved the changing the habit of a lifetime for many Muslims, many of whom had never made a donation online.

Planning & Execution

As many of our target audience had never made donations online before, Green Park Content produced a number of "How-to" videos that aimed to educate and showcase how effortless it is to make donations online. The videos were amplified in collaboration with carefully chosen micro-influencers with different backgrounds and interests—a strategy that was instrumental to the campaign's reach and the donation drive's success.

We worked closely with a total of 43 non-paid influencers, 3 paid influencers and developed a total of 10 assets to help MTFA educate and create an emotional connection to their audiences to convince more people to support the MTFA’s purposeful cause.

Effectiveness / Results

Nearly $2 Million was fundraised which is about +10% more than 2019 with +800,000 campaign reach, over 1 million impressions, and +80,0000 engagements on social achieved within a short time period. The results were the highest ever achieved for the MTFA and delivered the most funds ever for the MTFA’s purposeful charity work.

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