We were in talks with Commvault to develop a Virtual Webinar for them to share about how Covid-19 has affected business and how leveraging on their system, allows companies to digitally transform and sustain business continuity

The target audience would be C-Level executives and decision makers, with a particular focus on CFOs, CHROs, CIOs and COOs from key markets including Hong Kong, India and Singapore. The audience was to be made up of current clients, partners and leads.

This would enable us to target the same audience, widen our outreach and still achieve our objectives of developing a platform for thought-leadership and one through which there would be opportunities to engage with our current clients and partners but also cultivate a leads pipeline.

Planning & Execution

While all the planning was on-going, we prepared the process for recording the actual virtual webinar. Provisioning for the necessary tools, equipment and software that would enable us to create a memorable virtual experience for our client’s audience.

Our vision for this was simulate a live talk-show-newscast-like environment, with dynamic switching of cameras, incorporation of lower-thirds and pop-up slides, all within the viewer’s screen. We also included edited videos to serve as a form of ‘advertisement’ from zoom recordings, panel discussions and other mix recordings before and after into webcast to further establish that feel and drive awareness back to the band of Commvault. We also customized the user interface of the platform being used for the webcast accordingly.

What made this virtual webinar unique and exciting was the style and approach we used and how it played out on the audiences’ screen. Unlike typical, one-dimensional webinars — that can appear rather monotonous, where speakers go through contrived presentations with instances due to remote dial-ins, the quality of the feed may be compromised — we worked tirelessly to ensure and provide a seamless, end to end experience for our audience, impressing on them that this is more than ‘just a webinar’ but indeed a valuable discussion that they can get immersed into and engage in.

From the branding on set, the venue selection, to the recording style and speakers involved, everything was planned and arranged for with our core objectives in mind.

Effectiveness / Results

We manage to adapt to the change from the predicament that we were faced due to the pandemic, we had worked with the client to develop a successful campaign that achieved the objectives we had set out for it. It has also positioned the client as a sort of trailblazer in the industry having organised and developed such a unique medium of outreach and has laid the foundation for similar campaigns in the near future.

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