Tata Photo OK Please

India faces an acute shortage of qualified truck drivers. Popular perception towards the trucking community has been largely responsible. Tata Motors wanted to inspire potential entrants to the industry by changing the perception of the truck driving profession, and show truckers in a new light. The brand wished to reinforce a sense of worth among the trucking community by engaging with them through an innovative idea.

Planning & Execution

Rage’s big idea was ‘Photo OK Please’ – India’s first photography contest, exclusively for truckers. The key insight for this idea was that everyday, truck drivers are privileged to witness a beautiful India - places, people and cultures that most people never get to experience. We noticed that many truckers love taking pictures of their travels and sharing them regularly with family and friends via Whatsapp.

Through this contest, Rage helped Tata Motors build a community platform for truckers, through which the brand engaged with thousands of truckers across India, creating brand awareness and changing perceptions as well. A WhatsApp for Business number was mobilized. Using this number, drivers could self-register via an easy link sent to them, submit travel photos clicked by them and get their queries resolved.

Every day, Tata drivers would send in dozens of queries and photos. Regular updates about winners, referral program details, photography tips & tricks along with messages of encouragement was shared with them

Contest posters at Dhabas (where truckers meet up socially), standees at service centres and dealerships were installed as drivers made regular pitstops.

Various features of WhatsApp was employed to communicate with truckers - voice messaging was used for drivers who couldn’t read our messages and explanatory gifs that were visual led rather than copy led.

The photos shared by the truckers were centrally managed and uploaded on the community platform https://photookplease.tatamotors.com/

Effectiveness / Results

5,000 drivers sent over 23,000 pictures from all across the country.

200,000 messages shared with truckers on WhatsApp.

4 million people viewed the pictures clicked by truckers across social media

Over 120 Daily, Weekly and Wild Card winners were declared, resulting in a very active and enthusiastic PhotoOKPlease community.

But the greatest result was the goodwill generated among the community of Tata Truckers, who remained active on the group long after the contest ended, sending photos and enquiring about further contests

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