Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi

Internet rapidly transforms how we work, communicate, access information and educate children. In 2018, Philippines ranked #1 in internet use worldwide. Yet, 8 out of 10 Filipino Homes do not have ISP at home due to limited financial capabilities. This leaves low income earners at a severe disadvantage.

Planning & Execution

To bridge the digital divide, we needed to create massive awareness and foster effective communication by making it work with their current reality. We wanted to change the notion that the internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity that is within their reach. But how do you establish vital audience connection with the prepaid market that is intermittently online?

We did a 5-step communication approach to create awareness and optimize conversion driven by consumer digital behavior data. For the country that spends the most time on social media, Facebook is King. On this platform, effective communication was fostered with more relevant creatives, sophisticated remarketing strategies, and paved the way for the price-sensitive consumers.

The 5-Step Communication Approach:
1. Facebook is King
Mobile data packs have become generous with free Facebook data promos, making it very attractive to the budget-conscious consumers.

2. Broadened and Refined Targeting
Aspiring middle income earners. The budget-conscious consumers are always looking out for new income sources.

3. Optimized Creative Ads
Product-centric creatives prompted consumers to purchase by communicating with them on a conversion level.

4. Remarketed to Cart Abandoners
Targeted those who did not follow through with Postpaid connection, perhaps more suitable with their means.

5. Price Reduction
Paved the way for price sensitive consumers in consideration of their financial capabilities.

Effectiveness / Results

The campaign achieved astonishing results. Subscriber growth rose to over 200% and online sales contribution grew by 80%. The campaign led to 200% goal completions, a 64% reduction in ECPL, and a 12% increase in average revenue per user.

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