SeeYouTomorrow Campaign

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 4.5 million Filipinos are affected by depression, with suicide as the possible outcome.

True to its commitment to creating a GLOBE OF GOOD, Globe, the number one telco company in the Philippines, partnered with the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation to provide accessible counseling to Filipinos and promote mental health awareness through HOPELINE 2919 - a 24/7 hotline for emotional crisis intervention and suicide prevention dedicated to giving support and saving lives during times of crisis.

The objective of the campaign was to create awareness and increase calls to the suicide prevention hotline, Hopeline 2919, effectively and efficiently.

Planning & Execution

To drive campaign objectives, Globe produced two (2) video materials, entitled ‘Yoya’ and ‘Training Day’, and commissioned the services of AdSpark, Inc. to devise a strategy for the media roll-out of both videos, and ensure proper execution in delivering its message to a targeted audience. In order to do so, Globe needed to gain insight on audience sentiment and consumption behavior.

The proprietary AdSpark Intelligence (AI) was the answer to the campaign’s need for agility on insighting, ideation, and implementation. The AI paints a clear picture of the viewer to ensure an audience-first strategy founded on an in-depth understanding of Filipino consumers through their daily digital behavior.

AdSpark banked on the benefits of utilizing social media as pathway for suicide prevention. To reach the right audience, we hinged on interest pages with high affinity on mental health for targeting to make communication direct and relevant to those who are suffering silently.

Effectiveness / Results

AdSpark’s strategic media roll-out accelerated consumer discussion about Hopeline and the issues on mental health. Through social listening scan, results drew a shift in keyword association visible during different phases of the campaign.

After a year of running the campaign, Hopeline is now organically included in news articles (, ABS-CBN News, Rappler), and posts by influencers and key opinion leaders, and even the general public, during high-profile suicide cases, Kate Spade (June 6) and Anthony Bourdain’s (June 8).

With regards to accumulated number of calls to Hopeline 2919, the campaign achieved 1.6 times the projected number of calls for 2018.

To date, total calls to the hotline reached over 26,000 from only 400+ in 2012. That’s 26,000 potential lives saved.

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