Elite 85h headphone launch

Launch the Jabra Elite 85h into Australia with a PR-focused campaign that would:
1. Build brand awareness of Jabra’s sophisticated over-ear headphones and drive sales
2. Steal share of voice from noisy market competitors
3. Build a community of brand advocates

Planning & Execution

Our research uncovered changes in the way audio is now being consumed, identifying the growth of podcasts as a key channel for discussing new trends and complex issues. We also found that while we are living in an increasingly visual world, sound has the ability to enrich our environments in a very intimate yet complimentary way. Given the new Elite 85h headphones have sophisticated augmented intelligence technology built-in, we saw this as an opportunity to showcase these two elements throughout our campaign.

We wanted to be community strong, with a passion for audio excellence at our core. We sought to highlight how consumers now live for an experience that is unique and truly theirs, and that the Elite 85h provides the perfect sound in every setting.

Our campaign was broken into two parts.

Part One involved:

  • Developing a ‘podcast’ like experience for media that they would listen to through their new Elite 85h headphones

  • Taking key Australian media on a guided tour of Sydney, playing the podcast at key feature points to showcase SmartSound

  • Celebrating our top media with an exclusive lunch on Sydney’s waterfront, hosed by executives

  • Creating a video and social media clips of the media tour, for Jabra to leverage across its channels to promote the Elite 85h

  • Issuing a local media release and seeding additional review units to media in the week following the event.

Part two involved:

  • Leveraging paid partnerships with Gizmodo (display banner campaign) and Men’s Fitness Australia (print and social) to reach a broader cross-section of our target audience.

Effectiveness / Results

The campaign achieved more than 45 positive media reviews and saw a 12% increase in website visits. Social impressions totaled more than 272,000, while PR impressions reached over 65.4 million.

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