Make It Special, Together

Nescafé, a globally recognized brand, recently launched a sub-brand for the Myanmar market strategically designed to suit local taste-buds. Sub-branded as “Shal Kaw” (meaning “Special Coffee”), this premium product has a creamy rich flavor profile that appeals to locals. Our task was to introduce a new instant coffee to a competitive market, primarily geared towards 20-30 year-old females. The critical message was that this quality product brings people together, and gives them an opportunity to unwind from their hectic lives.

Planning & Execution

Myanmar is a culture rich in generosity where loving and caring gestures are a part of daily interactions. Unfortunately, the demands of a modern society often mean that we are rushed and have less time for each other. In introducing this sub-brand, we felt it was necessary to develop an immersive story around the product that reflected these local cultural values. Sharing a delicious cup of coffee gives us a break and represents human connection, time spent with loved ones, and the sharing of successes. This theme became the essence of the campaign and echoed throughout our multi-faceted approach.

Creating a memorable product tasting for consumers was a critical component of this strategy. We were challenged with how to make the experience an exceptional one and stand out from most consumer product tastings which lack imagination. Instead of supermarkets and shopping malls, we decided to target bus stops. We created a unique immersive experience where we interrupted busy Yangon morning commuters and offered them a free cup of coffee and a chance to take a break. They were invited into the shade of fully branded booths and given space to relax and savor their drink. People loved it! They were engaged, snapping selfies galore, and most importantly, they enjoyed each other’s company.

Effectiveness / Results

This immersive experience was one major branch of a campaign that was supported by TV Commercials, videos, billboards as well as retail displays and other printed materials. Our approach resonated with local culture and is off to a successful and promising start showing positive sales results to boot. With this great momentum from the launch, Nescafé Shal Kaw is perfectly poised to be an industry leader in its category.

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