View Korea's Top 100 brands for 2020, plus analysis of consumer and media trends in the market by Campaign staff and industry contributors.

Patriotic streak: Many international brands lose ground in Korea

ASIA's TOP 1000 BRANDS: With Adidas, Gucci and Bud Light as notable exceptions, it was a tough year to be an international brand in Korea—especially if your brand is from Japan.

Korea's love for homegrown companies isn't just about national pride

ASIA's TOP 1000 BRANDS: Korean consumers are more discerning than ever, so product quality and premium-level sophistication are helping local brands stand out.

South Korea wants brands that make life better—on all levels

ASIA's TOP 1000 BRANDS: While South Koreans continue to highly value convenience, the pandemic has brought focus to deeper concerns, and consumers want brands to be partners in improving things.

South Korea's shift online benefits delivery services, and trusted brands

ASIA's TOP 1000 BRANDS: Even in one of the least impacted markets, the pandemic has driven significant changes in shopping behaviours, according to Nielsen.

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