View Japan's Top 100 brands for 2019, plus analysis of consumer and media trends in the market by Campaign staff and industry contributors.

Economic hurdles push Japanese consumers to save, not spend

There are plenty of reasons to worry — consumer confidence is down, the economy is more shaky than it has been — but Japanese consumers are loyal, and the 2020 Olympics may perk things up.

Japan's top 100 brands: Meiji, Suntory, Kao gain favour at home

Subtle changes in the top 10 reflect the power of premium and responsible positioning.

Japan's top local brands: Legacy and innovation sustain Toyota, Sony and Panasonic

The automotive giant’s ‘mobility’ proposition seems to have been well received.

Multinationals struggle to localise in Japan

The adage that people want to see themselves in a piece of advertising isn’t necessarily true, but they do need to be able to relate to it.

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