View India's Top 100 brands for 2018, plus analysis of consumer and media trends in the market by Campaign staff and industry contributors.

India's top 100 brands for 2018

Consumer electronics and shopping brands dominate India's top 10, with other brand moves indicating Indians aren't prioritising health yet to the extent some headlines might suggest.

India's top mobile-friendly brands

Amazon is India's mobile darling, with Flipkart not far behind. PayTm, Big Bazaar, Myntra and Tata also score in the top 20.

India's top local brands

In-country experts weigh in on the success of local Indian brands like Tata, Patanjali and Flipkart.

India in 2018: a youthful land of opportunity?

Consumer optimism is high and the economy appears to be in recovery, but challenges remain around India's digitalisation, particularly in rural areas.

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