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View Hong Kong's Top 100 brands for 2019, plus analysis of consumer and media trends in the market by Campaign staff and industry contributors.

Hong Kong seeks home comforts, self-care

Brands selling home appliances, personal care and comfort food earned higher affinity from Hong Kong consumers in this year's top 100 ranking. We asked in-market experts to analyse some of the moves.

Stalwart locals reign in HK, and enjoy surprising loyalty

Hong Kong's favourite local brands tend to be a bit long in the tooth.

Showing Hong Kong some love, without irking the mainland

Hong Kong people want their identity and culture to be recognised. But given differing viewpoints among mainland consumers, that can be a tricky tightrope act for brands.

Few brand loyalists among HK shoppers, who are easily swayed by value, utility

As FMCG growth slows, marketers in Hong Kong face a populace that's not reluctant to switch brands if they see a good reason to do so.

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