Magz Osborne
Oct 14, 2011

INTERVIEW: Microsoft's Stephen Kim on digital storytelling

Exploring the craft of storytelling, and its evolving role in marketing, Stephen Kim, general manager, global creative solutions at Microsoft, shares how advances in technology are bringing brand stories to life.

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Demonstrating how innovation can create more immersive, personal and collaborative campaigns, Kim said this is about brands moving from content creators to content curators, and about brands engaging consumers to help tell brands' stories.

“Storytelling is a really important focus for us, which may seem odd to some people, that a technology company would be so interested in storytelling."

Asked whether this is about tapping into current crowdsourcing trends, Kim said that is only part of Microsoft's storytelling mission. It's how you use UGC and how you weave it together in a meaningful way in line with the brand that's important.

Kim said Microsoft has worked directly with brands, as well as with both creative and media agencies, and shared examples of case studies with Fox, for their theatrical releases such as X-Men: First Class, and Intel. He said there are many ways to involve the consumer in content, such as user-interface technology that allows participation via webcam.

"We’re looking at what brands are trying to do, which is tell stories about themselves and what consumers are increasingly wanting to do, which is telling stories about themselves.”

He concluded, “And bringing the two together, through the power of technology is something that we see as very exciting for the future of advertising.”


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