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Jun 17, 2011

PHILIPPINES FOCUS: Top 10 brands by Nielsen

PHILIPPINES - In partnership with Campaign, Nielsen has compiled an exclusive Top 10 brands report offering insights into the Philippines’ consumer base, as part of a monthly focus on individual markets across the region.

Nokia is the top brand according to Nielsen research of consumer preferences.
Nokia is the top brand according to Nielsen research of consumer preferences.

Top brands in the Philippines are generally local and established brands which are leaders in their respective product categories. Most are FMCG brands which have introduced new products.

Topping the list is mobile phone brand Nokia. The dominant market leader has a wide range of handset models from economy to premium, basic to sophisticated models. Another market leader Nescafe follows in second place. The brand recently revitalised itself with the introduction of different coffee mixes and variants.

Instant noodle brand Lucky Me sits in third position with battery brand Energizer following closely in fourth position. Local brand Jollibee in fifth is the country's number one fast food chain well known for its 'Chicken joy' offer. 

In sixth position is another local brand Selecta, market leader in the ice cream sector and also the first brand to introduce multiple flavours in one packaging offer. RTD Tea brand C2 follows in seventh position - also a local brand and market leader in its sector and the first to introduce the green tea drink.

Isotonic drink Gatorade occupies the eight position followed by local energy drink Cobra in ninth place. Cobra is a market leader and the first energy drink in returnable glass bottles offered in downline channels e.g. sari-sari stores. 

The largest local mall chain SM Malls completes the list, currently boasting with 40 branches nationwide.

Top 10 brands Favourite brand (%)
Nokia 84
Nescafe 80
Lucky Me 75
Energizer 73
Jollibee 65
Selecta 57
C2 51
Gatorade 51
Cobra 49
SM Malls 49


Top ready-to-drink juice brands. Local brands Zest-O and Del Monte are dominating the RTD juice category. Zest-O’s affordable price made it popular among the masses.

1. Zest-O
2. Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice 
3. Del Monte Fit 'n Right
4. Big 250
5= Del Monte Juice Drinks
5= Tropicana Twister
5= Funchum
6= Del Monte (unspecified)
6= Magnolia Juice
6= Minute Maid

Top ready-to-drink tea brands. The introduction of C2 by local giant snacking food company Universal Robina Corporation (URC) has added depth to the beverage landscape dominated by CSDs. C2 provides a ‘healthier’ option to consumers and with its success, consumers saw growth in the number of RTD iced tea brands. 

1. C2
2. Nestea
3. Lipton
4. Real Leaf
1. Del Monte Fit 'n Right Iced Tea

Top isotonic drink brands. Gatorade is the first isotonic drink in the market. It was launched as a sports drink that keeps athletes hydrated while maintaining a high level of performance.

1. Gatorade
2. 7-Up
3. Powerade

Top energy drink brands. Cobra is a local energy drink in returnable glass bottle and available in sari-sari stores. With this strategy, Cobra is very successful in expanding its consumers base.

1. Cobra (liquid)
2. Sting (liquid)
3= Extra Joss (powder)
3= Red Bull (liquid)
4. Lipovitan (liquid)
5= Lipovitan Ira (liquid)
5= Samurai (liquid)

Top carbonated soft drink brands. Coca-cola is the top brand, followed by a local brand RC Cola.

1. Coca-Cola
2. RC Cola
3= Pop Cola
3= Sprite
4. Pepsi
5= Royal
5= Sarsi
5= Mountain Dew

Top coffee brands. Established brand Nescafe has been dominating the coffee category for many years. As the majority of consumers have grown up with the brand, Nescafe is more preferable in consumers’ minds compared to other brands.

1. Nescafe
2. Kopiko
3= Blend 45
3= San Mig Coffee

Top packaged water brands. Coca-Cola’s Wilkins mineral water is the top packaged water brand, followed by more affordable options Nature’s Spring and Absolute.

1. Wilkins
2. Nature's Spring
3. Absolute
4= Viva
4= Summit
5. Agua Vida

Top biscuit brands. The biscuits category is fragmented with manufacturing companies like Rebisco and Monde having more than one brand. The top brands are all local brands except for Voice.

1. Skyflakes
2. Rebisco Cracker Sandwich
3. Fita
4. Magic Flakes
5. Hansel (Rebisco)
6. Cream O
7= Voice Monde
7= Combi (Rebisco)

Top candy brands. Candies is another product category with many brands. Topping the list are menthol candies.

1. Maxx
2. Snowbear
3. Halls
4= White Rabbit
4= Kopiko
4= Mentos
5= Storck
5= Ox

Top chocolate brands. Local brand Cloud 9 is the most favourite chocolates brand, manufactured by URC. The brand is affordable and comes in several flavours, making it popular among class DE homes. Topping the list in the premium segment is Kraft’s Toblerone.

1. Cloud 9
2. Toblerone
3. Hershey's
4. Choco Mucho
5= Goya
5= Kisses
5= Nips
6= Cadbury Dairy Milk
6= Kit Kat
6= Snickers

Top ice-cream brands. Selecta ice cream is known to pioneer innovations which catapulted it to market leadership. Manufactured by a local company RFM corporation, it is the first brand to introduce multiple flavors in one packaging. It also has a wide variety of flavours, segmented into affordable and premium selections.

1. Selecta
2. Nestle
3. Magnolia
4. Unbranded
5. Dairy Queen

Top instant noodle brands. Instant noodles serve as alternative to rice meals, especially for the low income segment. Lucky Me is a product of Monde Nissin. The brand is known to pioneer new noodle products as well as new flavors. One of its achievement is Lucky Me Pancit Canton, which currently carries at least five different flavours.

1. Lucky Me Instant Noodles
2. Lucky Me Pancit Canton
3. Quickchow
4. Maggi Instant Noodles
5= Payless Instant Noodles
5= Nissin's Cup Noodles

Top cooking oil brands. The category is dominated by local brands.

1. Minola
2= Spring Cooking Oil
2= Unbranded
3. Golden Fiesta
4. Baguio
5. Bambi

Top laundry product brands. The top two brands are from FMCG giants Unilever and P&G. Champion is an emerging local brand offering lower price detergent.  

1. Surf
2. Tide
3. Champion
4. Ariel
5. Speed
6. Pride

Top air freshener brands. Usage of air fresheners is still limited as indicated by few respondents who has a favourite brand. Emerging as the most favourite brand is Glade, having been in the air freshener market for a long time. 

1. Glade
2. Ambi Pur
3. Pine
4= Lysol
4= Little Trees
4= Sheldan
4= Albatross

Top battery brands. The most popular battery brand is Energizer, well-know for its bunny mascot.

1. Energizer
2. Eveready
3. Ultra
4= Tiger
4= Triple A

Top quick service restaurant (QSR) brands. Jollibee is the dominant player in the QSR category. Best known for its 'Chicken joy' offer, the brand is constantly introducing new products to its customers. Chowking, Greenwich and Mang Inasal are all sister companies of Jollibee.

1. Jollibee
2. McDonald's
3. Chowking
4. KFC
5. Mang Inasal
6= Max's
6= Greenwich

Top shopping mall brands. SM is a local giant in the shopping mall category with over 40 branches nationwide. In recent years, the company continues to expand by building new malls in the provincial areas.

1. SM Malls
2. Robinsons
3. Metro Malls (Market Market, Gaisano)
4= CSI Malls
4= Fitmart Mall

Top airline brands. PAL still emerged as the most favourite brand through its heritage. Following at number two is Cebu Pacific which offers affordable airfares and regular seat sale promos to select destinations. Both PAL are Cebu Pacific are locally owned.

1. Philippine Airlines (PAL)
2. Cebu Pacific
3. Air Philippines
4. Zest Air/ Asian Spirit

Top car brands. Ownership of cars is still skewed to the affluent segment and brand heritage is a primary consideration on preference.

1. Toyota
2. Honda
3. Mitsubishi
4. Nissan
5= Mercedes-Benz
5= BMW
5= Ford
5= Kia
5= Ferrari

Top gas station brands. The petroleum category is still dominated by the big three players Petron, Shell and Caltex.

1. Petron
2. Shell
3. Caltex
4. Total
5. Flying V
6= Phoenix
6= Sea Oil
6= Uni Oil

Top mobile phone brands. Nokia is the leading handset brand with its complete portfolio of handset models.

1. Nokia
2. Samsung
3. Sony Ericson
4= Cherry Mobile
4= Blackberry
4= Motorola
4= LG

Top pain reliever brands. Alaxan is the most favourite pain reliever brand in the market as it is positioned to cure different body pains. Its sister brand, Biogesic, is more known to treat headaches, fever and flu. Both brands are manufactured by local pharmaceutical giant United Laboratories (Unilab).

1. Alaxan
2. Biogesic
3= Dolfenal
3= Mefenamic Acid
4= Medicol
4= Efficascent Oil

Top vitamin brands. Enervon is a local multi-vitamin brand, also made by Unilab.

1. Enervon
2. Centrum
3. Revicon
4. Ceelin
5. Clusivol
6. Myra E
7. Fern-C
8. Cecon

Top TV network brands. Network rating is a see-saw battle between ABS-CBN and GMA. GMA is stronger in Metro-Manila and Luzon while ABS-CBN has a stronger viewership in VISMIN, partly due to having a better signal than GMA.

2. GMA
3. TV5
4= GMA News TV/ QTV
4= HBO
5= ANC (ABSCBN News Channel)
5= Star Movies
5= Studio 23

Top radio station brands. FM stations are dominating the radio segment with Love Radio, followed by IFM 93.9 and MOR. Segments from these stations are generally geared towards the masses.

1. Love Radio
2. IFM 93.9
3. MOR For Life
4= Yes FM
5= Bombo Radyo Star FM
5= Barangay Ls 97.1
5= Radyo Mo Nationwide

Top household appliance brands. Sony holds the top position in the home appliances segment due to its heritage. However, its high price deters some consumers (lower class) to purchase it. This segment often resorts to more affordable brands.

1. Sony
2. Sharp
3. Samsung
4. Panasonic
5. Standard
6. LG
7= Sanyo
7= GE

Top bank/ financial institution brands. This category is dominated by local banks. BDO, recently acquired by SM, is the first to introduce longer banking hours and is open during weekends for mall-based branches.

1. BDO
2. Metrobank
3. BPI
4. PNB
5. Landbank of the Philippines (LBP)
7= Allied Bank
7= China Bank
7= Rural Real State Roxas
7= One Network

Top motorcycle brands. Motorcycles has become a popular alternative transportation in recent years after a series of oil price hikes. Honda is the most favourite brand due to heritage. In terms of operation, Honda cars and motorcycles are operating separately.

1. Honda
2. Yamaha
3. Kawasaki
4. Suzuki

Top internet service provider brands. Sister companies Smart and PLDT are the top favourite internet service providers. Smart is more positioned towards wireless connection via SmartBro while PLDT is for the wired connection. Globe, a brand that offers both wired and wireless internet connection, came in at number three.

1. Smart
3. Globe
4= Bayantel
4= Sun
5. Sky

Top computer brands. The computers category has no dominant brand due to availability of many brands and models. Also prevalent  is the purchase of 'unbranded' units which are assembled in the PC stores. This allows buyers to customise the specs depending on budget.

1. Acer
2. Apple
3= Toshiba
3= HP
3= Dell
4= Asus
4= Samsung



Sample size n=1000 (projected to the population of covered areas 32,679,403)
Coverage Urban areas in five regiona, including MMA, North Central Luzon, South Luzon, Visavas Mindanao
Age range 13-69 years old
Income class ABCDE
Gender Male/ Female
Data collection methodology Face-to-face Interviews in randomly selected urban areas

Respondents were asked the question Which one brand of [product category] would you say is your favourite brand? It may or may not be the brand you use or buy most often.

The number of mentions was projected to the total urban Philippines population.

The ranking was then determined through the number of respondents who chose the brand.

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