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Mar 15, 2012

GADGET UPDATE powered by Stuff: BBC, EBay, HTC and more

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Apple is rumoured to launch a mini iPad before the year is out
Apple is rumoured to launch a mini iPad before the year is out

BBC officially announces video-on-demand store is incoming

Remember when we reported on a BBC video-on-demand service incoming to compete with iTunes? Well it’s just been made official by the Director-General at the BBC.

Sure the guy’s title makes him sounds like a military official but his words of a shop-like service online are true. Read more...

EBay launches Watch with EBay iPad app for an alternative shopping experience

If targeted advertising is a huge pain in your backside, or similarly, you're not too fond of Apple's Genius recommendations, then EBay's newest venture – Watch With EBay – isn't going to float your boat. In a bid to encourage you to spend more dollar on things you don't need, EBay's Watch With EBay app for the iPad allows you to browse (in real time) and purchase products related to the show you're watching on your gogglebox. Read more...

Apple to release iPad Mini later this year?

We’ve heard rumours in the past concerning the launch of a smaller iPad, and now an unnamed Samsung official has thrown more fuel on the fire. Asking not to be identified (fair enough in the circumstances), he or she told the Korea Times that Apple will launch a 7.85-inch iPad before 2012 is out. Interesting stuff, as is the news that, despite the two firms’ well-publicised legal battles, Samsung currently has a $9.7 billion contract with Apple to supply components which is expected to rise to a staggering $11 billion by the end of the year. Read more...

5 of the best luxury smartphones

Are standard phones too proletarian for your tastes? Throw some cash at these wallet-sucking wonder mobiles… Check it out...

Apple iPhone 5 to be waterproof?

It looks like aquaphobic mobiles of today could soon be cured of their greatest weakness when waterproofing becomes common, even in Apple’s iPhone 5.

In an interview with waterproofing company P2i, Tech Radar was told, “We've got the 'fruity companies' and the big Korean brands all becoming interested”. After Fujitsu set the trend by unveiling its waterproof Arrows tablet and phone at CES 2012, it now sounds like BlackBerry, Apple and Samsung are all joining in the phone protection efforts. Read more...

HTC Sensation and Sensation XE Ice Cream Sandwich updates begin to roll out

HTC has kept its word by announcing that Sensation and Sensation XE handset owners can look forward to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates from today, pocketlint reports.

Sensation XL owners are reportedly next in line for the Ice Cream Sandwich ride, followed by the HTC Evo 3D, Desire S, Incredible S, Desire HD and HTC Rhyme – all expected to be updated over the next few months. Read more...

IMHO – physical media in gaming is doomed

Physical media has been a major part of gaming since the days when you’d whack a cassette tape in your C64 and subject your lugholes to ten minutes of horrific screeching in order to play Dizzy. DVD and Blu-ray means we’re well past that stage now – and amen to that – but increasingly we’re getting the feeling that the future of gaming, even the near future, resides away from physical media. Read more...



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