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Mar 29, 2012

GADGET UPDATE powered by Stuff: Apple iTV, Google+ and this week's apps

The week's round-up of the latest gadgets and reviews. Powered by Stuff Magazine.

Apple iTV
Apple iTV

Apple iTV coming in 2013?

Apple iTV, the fabled television screen from Apple, is set to launch but not until 2013 according to an Asian research group. CSLA says that we can expect an Apple TV, with a screen made by Sharp, but not until 2013. Read more...

Best iPhone apps this week

Can't decide what to download after completing Angry Birds, again? Try these five first-class apps on for size. Check it out...

Google+ Hangouts gets six new apps

If you've not jumped on the Google+ bandwagon yet, it might be time to dip in another toe. Since September, developers have been busying away by the light of a Galaxy Nexus working on apps for the Hangouts video chat feature. Read more...

Bluetooth fridge magnet orders up pizza with one click

We've all been there – empty fridge, bare cupboards and no desire to trudge down to the shops after a hard day's work. Pizza companies have come up with plenty of easy ways to order a Margherita, from texts to websites – but Red Tomato Pizza has bested them all with a Bluetooth fridge magnet that'll order up your favourite slice with one click. Read more...

Next Big Thing – moving touchscreens

NEC and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have created a display which is anchored with adjustable wires at each of its four corners, resulting in a screen which can jerk and move in relation to what's on it. Normal haptic vibration lets you know you've hit an onscreen object, but touching something alone doesn't tell you exactly where it is. If the screen itself moves then you have a much more immersive experience. Read more...

Just because they could – Facebook paints its roof with a 42ft wide QR code

When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called for his employees to decorate their new HQ at 1 Hacker Way, we're pretty confident that he wasn't expecting a 42ft QR code to be painted on the roof.

According to TechCrunch however, a giant rooftop QR code linking to Facebook's new QR code page is exactly what he got, and it's now up and running for the inevitable onslaught of investigative Google Map users. Read more...


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