Motul Stunt Fest

Motul Stunt Fest is the annual motorcycle stunt show organized by Motul Vietnam. 2018 is the special year which marks the continuing development of Motul brand over the world with 165-year anniversary. It is also the year celebrating 10 years of appearance, building and development of Motul in Vietnamese market. Furthermore, on this occasion, Motul also launches the new product line of motorcycle racing lubricant – Motul 300V2.

Planning & Execution

Following the message “Driven by passion - Driven by you”, Motul Stunt Fest 2018 was the opportunity for stunters to gather and exchange their passion and experience, with the appearance of international professional stunters such as: Aaron Twite (USA), Hiroyuki Ogawa (Japan), Stunter 13 (Poland), semi-professional stunters from Vietnam, and Southeast Asia countries.

Vietnamese and foreign stunters amazed audiences by breath-taking individual, duo, trio performances showing stunt techniques such as burnout, drift, donut, wheelie, stoppie, acrobatics, etc. Beyond that, stunters also played the role of story tellers, each of their performance is a story relating to Motul’s milestones.

On this occasion, the new product line of Motul lubricant 300V2 is launched through combined performance among dancers and stunters, as well as the giant lubricant mock-up of Motul 300V2 bottle at the welcoming area.

During Motul Stunt Fest 2018, Motul combined with its strategic partners to organize Motul Car Lubricant Day offering basic car maintenance services, such as checking the car, changing lubricant freely, advising customers how to choose suitable type of lubricant for their car, solving lubricant-relating issues, etc.

In addition, interactive experience activities along with motorcycle display area also attracted the interest and participation from most visitors.

Effectiveness / Results

After 02 days of Motul Stunt Fest, it attracted the participation of 10,000 stunt fans, 100 motorcycles/ cars were checked and changed oil for free.

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