Singapore Tourism Board, Singlish and My Little Singapore

Singapore Tourism Board Hong Kong & Macau is responsible for driving Hong Kong travellers to visit Singapore. In 2017, the agency was challenged with creating targeted integrated PR campaigns to drive travel from the Family and Young Professional segments. With increasing competition from popular regional and short-haul destinations, a brand new perspectives needed to be created to ensure a fresh narrative and a feeing on newness for Hong Kongers.

Planning & Execution

    Two fully integrated PR strategies were developed, each headlined by an Experiential PR activation, and supported by strong social media and traditional media outreach. With the insight that Hong Kongers wish to create deeper cultural connections during their travels, we selected unique and specific experiences and used these to focus narrative on key traveller goals such as recharging, bonding with families, and broadening horizons.

    Campaign 1: Singlish - Engaged famous KOL Hana Tam to create a video recording of a fun trip with a Singapore KOL, riding on stories about the “soft power” of Singapore, Singlish, which is edgy and eye-catchy for young professionals.

    Campaign 2: My Little Singapore - The illustration book was designed as a family guidebook and used as a hook for a new narrative about family travel in Singapore

    A promotional vehicle, designed to showcase Singapore’s family-centric points of interest, visited Hong Kong neighbourhoods sharing Ying Ying’s story along with an exciting VR experiences and giveaway souvenirs

Effectiveness / Results

The “Singlish Fun” campaign was a huge success

    Video views: +973,000 organic views

    Reach: +5 million

    Engagements: +95,500

Singapore Weekend attracted the right target and activated sales

    Hardcopies illustration booklets distributed: 5,000

    Media attendance at launch: +35 TV, print and online media, including family & travel publications

    Visitors to Street Activation: +3,000

    Social media giveaway entries: +700 media

Facebook engagement increased dramatically

    Facebook page: 17% increase to +114,000 fans

    Average post reach: 57% increase to 135,000

    Average engagement rate: 60 % increase to 1.6%

    Video views: +2.8 million so far

Media Coverage was exceptional

    Total media clippings: +550 print, TV and online clippings

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