Lihat Lebih Luas (Widen Perspective)

The apparent volume and intensity of negative issues tend to rise during election season. Even particular media or any attractive party are also riding this moment by publishing some provocative news for their own purpose. In digital era, they tend to post everything that comes on their mind, mostly are related to the election issues on social media and sometimes make situation ever worse. Indonesian people get easily provoked to share news without verify the truth.

Planning & Execution

Planning :
Encourage people to verify news before they share and not easily provoked by those untruth news. Simply by utilizing the closest and common thing in our smartphone : the rotation function.

Execution :
a mobile web-based platform that utilize auto-rotate function on smartphone in order to encourage people to widen their perspective by assuring every news before they share on social media.

1. we invite audience to visit through social media assets and digital volunteers.
2. When audience enter the website, they will see several provoking sentences
3. Then they will be asked to rotate their phone to widen their perspective

Effectiveness / Results

Within a week, Lihat Lebih Luas (Widen Perspective) has earned more than 2,9 million impressions, almost 4 thousand visitors and also coverage on online news portals with media budget : Rp 0,-

At the end of this campaign, we prove that small existing technology in people’s smartphone can help us to widen our perspective in seeing something..and not easily get provoked.

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The Campaign Asia-Pacific Team