Myanmar: Living the Coffee Culture

A team of coffee lovers were opening Myanmar’s first independent coffee chain, including retail shops and a coffee truck. They needed us to develop a complete brand identity and name from scratch, and wanted it to be modern while embracing Myanmar culture. A year later, they gave us an even bigger challenge, asking us to expand the brand family to incorporate a juice bar.

Planning & Execution

We set out to create a working name for the café that was both interesting and descriptive, settling on Espressonite. Then, we harnessed our branding expertise to achieve the perfect combination of modern-influence and local inspiration with a logo that incorporated the traditional Myanmar longyi top and a steaming cup of coffee. We further developed the brand identity to create branded applications, a website, and a marketing communications strategy.

When they asked us to develop a brand identity for a sister juicery brand, we named it Juicetopia. Its logo features traditional female Myanmar dress and an apple. Because of our strategic approach to Espressonite’s brand development, we were able to create another brand within the same family that was related, but unique enough to hold its own.

Effectiveness / Results

Espressonite is recognized as a local Myanmar coffee brand with European flair. Moreover, because the two chains are visually related, Juicetopia has been able to piggyback off of Espressonite’s early success. Each chain has expanded from its original presence in Yangon and is serving loyal customers.

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