Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho – Remaking a Bollywood Classic

While Tata Tea Fusion was introducing a first-of-its kind design that allows consumers to make their own perfect blend of classic Assam tea and one of two new variants- green tea or Kenyan tea- media would be hesitant to cover the launch beyond the business columns and consumers would see this as yet another option in a list of many such products.

Taking inspiration from the innovation itself, we remade one of Bollywood’s most beloved celebrations of chai that had:

The hottest clubs across the country dancing to the announcement of the track -
More than three million consumers viewing and streaming the announcement online
More than 135,700 liking, sharing, commenting, tweeting and making their own dubsmashes
More than two hundred top national, regional and online outlets sharing the news

Planning & Execution

Taking inspiration from the product itself, we rewrote Bollywood’s most beloved celebrations of chai, Ek Garam Chai Ki Piyali Ho, in partnership with its original composer, Anu Malik, music producer Venky and popular comedians Abhish Mathew and Aditi Mittal.

Leading up to the release, we worked with Malik, Mittal and Mathew to create teaser content that would surprise and delight fans with news that a remake of Ek Garam Chai Ki Piyali Ho was on its way. This started with a short video filmed with Anu Malik on the streets of Mumbai. In the video, Malik surprises strangers on the street by going up to them and singing lines from his famous song, without context or news of the remake.

This was released on his Twitter feed, with no mention of Tata Tea Fusion or the video to come, sparking speculation about what Malik had in store. This was followed by behind-the-scenes photos and updates, seeded by Malik, Mittal and Mathew to their fans online. Following initial speculation, contextual meme-style ads connected lines from the new song and images from the shoot, along with copy related to trending topics with Tata Tea’s Twitter feed, making the first connection for fans.

Finally we leaked our own remake to, influencers, DJ,s and media, via old school USBs and a R-enabled t-shirt we called SCANu.

Effectiveness / Results

Tasked to reach 2.3 million consumers, with a heavy focus on young (18-34) urban tea drinkers, primarily women, the Ek Garam Chai Ki Piyali Ho remake reached more than three million consumers (exceeding our KPI by 30%). More than 70% of consumers are between the ages of 18-34 and 64% are women.

The trailer, music video and behind-the-scenes videos were viewed more than 1.14 million times across platforms. One of India’s most popular music streaming sites, Saavn, streamed the song for users. who played the song more than 258,000 times.

The result was a media ad value of $326,621 USD, an ROI of more than 155%.

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