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Explore the biggest stories emerging from this year's ranking: including what makes the top 10 the biggest brands in Asia, which brands rose or fell the most, the Asia-based brands on the rise, and the brands that have mastered social media and design.

Asia's Top 1000 Brands 2017: Coming soon

Must-see brand ranking survey arrives in early June.

Welcome to Asia's Top 1000 Brands 2016

Brands in the lead of tech and media shine in the 2016 Asia’s Top 1000 Brands ranking. Start here to explore this exclusive research and analysis about brands in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Top 10: Reaching the pinnacle, and staying there

The upper echelon may contain the same 10 companies as last year, but their shifting positions hint at strong currents in consumer preferences and culture.

Hot and cold: 2016's rising and falling brands

Brands are continually trading places. We examine possible factors behind some major moves up and down the 2016 league table

Luxury: How to thrive in hard times

As China sales falter due to a slowing economy and crackdown on corruption, luxury brands seek a turnaround.

Top brands, top work

Creative work we loved (and not so much) from the region’s top brands over the past year.

The brands that will take over

Airbnb’s debut on the Top 1000 Brands ranking means it’s only a matter of time before Uber, Netflix and Grab displace more traditional incumbents.

Brands need to break free for global dominance

The race for technology has put some Asian giants on the global map, but many regional brands still need to think beyond local provenance to win the hearts of global consumers.

Top 1000 2015: Disruption and evolution on the road to new car ownership

Global auto sales have grown every year since 2009’s recession, and though growth appears to be slowing, 2015 should still bring positive news.

Top 1000 2015: The 10 brands Asia loves the most

Why the top 10 brands in the Asia's Top 1000 Brands report resonate the most with Asian consumers.

Top 1000 2015: Grocery-retail brands grapple with soft growth, fragmentation

SECTOR ANALYSIS: Short-term promotions eating away at long-term profitability, competition and changing consumer behaviors all mount a challenge to Asian grocery names. But key differentiators to attract shoppers and boost loyalty can still be found in core industry functions.