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Explore the biggest stories emerging from this year's ranking: including what makes the top 10 the biggest brands in Asia, which brands rose or fell the most, the Asia-based brands on the rise, and the brands that have mastered social media and design.

Welcome to Asia's Top 1000 Brands 2017

Start here to explore this exclusive research and analysis about brands in the Asia-Pacific region.

Bulletproof brand? Samsung remains on top

Samsung is the number one brand in our Top 1000 for the sixth year in a row. Nine months ago, that looked nigh on impossible. How has the tech firm retained its supreme status despite facing its worst crisis to date?

Standout storylines from the Top 1000 Brands research

There are dozens of storylines swirling in this year’s survey. We select four big ones.

Loyalty is the ultimate goal in battle for consumers’ hearts

Brand relationships are not what they used to be, but our Top 1000 survey reveals the factors that keep customers faithful to their favourite names.

New entrants: Ride-sharing apps proving uber-popular

International sports leagues and fitness trackers are among the other brands shaking up the Top 1000 this year.

Hot and cold: Why brands moved this year

The winners and losers in this year’s Top 1000 Brands survey paint a many-faceted picture of rapidly evolving consumer trends in markets across Asia-Pacific.

The work: Advertising hits and misses by Top 1000 brands

A selection of advertising by members of the Top 1000 that stood out from the pack — for better or worse.

Why experience is the key ingredient for strong brands

Business leaders increasingly understand that direct experience of a brand is what really counts. Yet relatively few are delivering.

Goodbye mass-marketing: The changing FMCG landscape

For household brand names to grow in Asia-Pacific, marketers need to a take a targeted approach.

Outstanding design by outstanding brands

Clean lines, appealing shapes, clever functionality: design can often make all the difference between a good brand and a great one.

How Japanese brands are faring in Asia

As part of our Asia’s Top 1000 Brands 2017 coverage, here’s a look at the positioning of major Japanese brands in a regional context, based on consumer perception across 13 markets.