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Female talent needs recognition and nurture

Welcome to our special issue dedicated to women. One day, we hope there will be no need or reason to single out women as a specific group when we look at the rising stars in the world of advertising and marketing. But the reality today is different and we believe the industry needs to build a stronger pipeline of women leaders in Asia and take the time to celebrate its top achievers.

We are delighted to profile the 20 women who are set to make a difference in the region’s advertising and marketing industry. Selecting this year’s ‘Women to Watch’ candidates wasn’t easy. We invited nominations from the industry and together with the editorial team’s recommendations came to the final list of top female stars on page 46.

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Marketing to women, meanwhile, remains a minefield for many brands that fail to acknowledge that women in Asia are more determined and independent than ever before.

Women were also on the agenda at WPP’s Stream Asia, recently held in Langkawi, Malaysia. One of the best-attended discussions there was ‘Women in leadership roles’ and the challenges organisations face in nurturing female talent.

The event is essentially a crowd-sourced ‘un-conference’, a concept developed by venture capitalist Yossi Vardi and co-host WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell. It’s interactive and engaging. Unlike the usual conferences, there’s no content agenda. No PowerPoint presentations or sales pitches. It’s all very democratic and sounds a bit chaotic until you get there.

But it works. WPP provides an overall structure and participants create the agenda or topics in real-time throughout the duration of the event. The most popular sessions, unsurprisingly, were those around the topics of big data, social and ecommerce, as well as the future of wearable technology and connected homes. One the most interesting and edgy, however, was ‘Should WPP dispose of Sir Martin Sorrell’, a topic by Ogilvy@Social’s Thomas Crampton (note: Sorrell wasn’t around to defend himself). Check out photos from Stream on page 36.

Atifa Silk is brand director, Campaign Asia-Pacific



4 Inbox

  • Letters, blogs,’s top 10

6 The Month

  • Latest news round-up

10 The Rankings

  • R3’s New Business League

12 The Big Picture

  • Asia less confident, but willing to learn

14 Insight/Advertising

  • Ease the pain of the pitch process through technology
  • Dentsu’s new Vietnam ECD
  • Craig Davis on ideas

18 Insight/Marketing

  • Enterprise feedback management systems close customer service gap
  • Multinationals target region’s growing sweet tooth
  • David Jones looks for a lifeline
  • The changing face of marketing teams
  • Adam Morgan on insight

24 Insight/Media

  • Media agencies expand revenue streams beyond their core services.
  • Spotify’s Asia director Sunita Kaur
  • The lure of mobile messaging
  • Why consumers opt out
  • Marcel Fenez on media

30 Insight/PR

  • What ‘storytelling’ actually means
  • Cindy Gallop on influence

32 The face behind the brand

  • Tiffany’s Erica Kerner wants to make every anniversary a diamond celebration

36 WPP Stream Asia 2014

  • Pictorial highlights from the event

38 E-commerce

  • How retailers are cashing in on the socialisation of shopping

42 The Atifa Silk interview

  • David Sable on transforming Y&R

46 Women to watch

  • Twenty female stars on the rise

52 Marketing to women

  • Brands need to stop using shame to sell

56 The Work

  • The latest adds reviewed

58 Improve your career

  • Jeremy Bullmore, career lessons, plus the latest industry jobs

62 Offline

  • Industry gossip, party pics, twitterati and Google personalities


Articles in this issue

Adding social to the sales basket

The influence of social media is opening up the potential of e-commerce as a branding platform.

Build advocacy, not fear when marketing to women

In trying to connect with Asian women’s hopes, dreams and concerns, many brands still miss the mark by a wide margin.

China's digital drivers: Striking up sexy conversations for Reckitt Benckiser

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE: China’s ban on ads for intimate products prompted Reckitt Benckiser marketing director Ben Wilson to move to the forefront of social media and video usage.

Curiosity’s cool, but don’t skip the centre

Advice for curious planners.

Customer relations: Enterprise feedback creates virtuous circle

Closing the loop between customers, user-experience and frontline staff, this may be the IT system no CMO can do without.

David Jones in battle to stay afloat

BRAND HEALTH CHECK: Declining profits see venerable Australian high-end department store looking for a lifeline

MNCs target growing sweet tooth in Asia-Pacific

SECTOR STUDY: Multinational chocolate companies have expanded production in Asia-Pacific and are now pulling out all the stops in marketing to make their mark in the region.

New Business League: February 2014 update

ASIA-PACIFIC - Ogilvy overtakes McCann in creative, while Mindshare surges to the top in media rankings.

Technology can take the pain out of pitching

As costly traditional pitches offer no guarantee of success, some agencies are trying alternative approaches to get clients’ attention.

About CampaignAsia Magazine:

Campaign Asia-Pacific, which supersedes the fortnightly Media, launched as a new, subscription-based monthly with a circulation of 15,000 copies on September 20 at the Spikes Asia Festival in Singapore.

The new magazine focus on analysing industry issues, reporting on trends and delivering expert industry opinions, case studies, plus heavyweight sector and platform reports. Carrying twice the number of pages as Media in an all-new design, Campaign Asia-Pacific dives deeper into the key issues of the month, uncovering the performance of agencies and individuals, examining topical questions, giving essential career advice plus a 16-page section of industry insight.

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