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Cathay Pacific, HSBC and Ocean Park are Yahoo Hong Kong’s most emotive brands

by Chantelle Pang on Jul 22, 2011
HONG KONG – Yesterday Cathay Pacific, HSBC and Ocean Park were voted Hong Kong’s most emotionally appealing brands at the 9th Yahoo Emotive Brand Awards.
Cathay Pacific, HSBC and Ocean Park are Yahoo Hong Kong’s most emotive brands
Top three emotive brand winners with Alfred Tsoi (far right)

The three homegrown brands were recognised by consumer vote.

Started in 2001, the awards recognise the brands consumers most connect with as brands are both nominated and voted for by consumers online. This year’s award drew a record of 2.5 million votes an increase of 20 per cent from last year.

This year, the awards also honoured financial firms including JP Morgan Asset Management, BNP Paribas and UBS as top emotive brand winners in the newly introduced Investment Bank/ Service/ Mutual Funds category.

“While it’s true that most investment banks aren’t terribly consumer facing, JP Morgan is a well-known and trusted brand in Hong Kong particularly in terms of asset management. In fact, I would have been surprised if we hadn’t won,” said Terry Pan, managing director and head of Hong Kong Business, at the press conference.

Brands have come along way in their attitudes towards digital marketing, noted Alfred Tsoi, vice-president and managing director, Yahoo Hong Kong. “Brands have stopped asking, ‘Why should I advertise online’ and are instead asking, ‘How?’” said Tsoi.

“Companies don’t create brands, the audience does. The ones who excel at connecting with audiences, by giving [extra value], exciting products and exciting advertising — those are the ones with strong brands,” commented Allan Zeman, chairman, Ocean Park Corporation.

Raymond Ho, head of content management, 3 Hong Kong, pointed out that the internet is easier and better at targeting certain audiences, compared with offline media. Also, online advertising in comparably more cost effective and efficient.

Most of the brands represented at the press conference including Canon, HTC, Ocean Park, Audi, and 3 Hong Kong said that they would be investing more on online advertising and digital marketing in the coming year.


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